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Jack and Ana. they are live in different places. Jack lives in city. Ana lives in small town.Jack wears coat. Ana wears…


I want to go to shanghai

里面是三个外国小朋友的对话,指着地图说 中国有哪些值得去的地方,有上海,昆明,桂林。

词汇就是beautiful place Mountain lake 什么的 还有个good idea

语法就是where are you want to go?

I want to go to shanghai

circle圆形.square正方形rectangle长方形triangular 三角形

chant是square and circle~ say hello~ square and circle here we go 重点在发音

句型 I like...和I don't like...

we had a picnic last Sunday


this is amy she is reading a book

this is maomao he is taking a picture

this is jake he is playing a toy train

this is tina she is dancing



dog egg fish goat

首字母在单词中读音和单独字母读音,给了一个chant,让学生感知字母的不同读音 全英授课,要有唱歌

听和读,I have lunch at 1这样的一段对话 听说课

i cant see 片段 helped,helps

dogs are very useful

the man is blind

this dog helps him

this girl is deaf

she cant hear

the dog helps her

last week,there was fire

this dog helped the firefighters

i have a cat. she`s cute. where is she?

is she in theliving room? no, she isnt.

is she in the study?no, she isnt.

look, sheis in the kitchen. 听说课。突出重点句威尼斯娱乐型和单词。



题目tv shows图片展示comedy news sports game show nature show cartoon.word bank:funny interesting scary exciting.what kinds of tv showd do you like?i like comedy becuese they are funny.1全英试讲十分钟2重点词汇和句型讲解3创设情景锻炼学生的口语能力。答辩1你的教学重点2你怎么突出重点 lily and sunny what kinds of tv showd do you like


It's got four wheels.

when doese daming's father go to work

My father goes to work at eight o'clock

what does he do?

he is worker in a factory 让同学模仿对话

talk about your English teachers对话课,里面包含单词:tall friendly funny old、

can I help you?

what do you wear on sunny days Iwear my t-shirt shorts cap and sunglasses 的词汇教学 要求:全英,有游戏环节配合适当简笔画,教师朗读示范,创设情景练习口语能力

语音课程lets spell,教单词拼写和磁带播放,上面有几个单词dog box orange body 延伸的有on mom 所以此时我知道找到共通性,教o的发音,

chant:Farmer, farmer,dig, dig, dig.Farmer, farmer, water the ground.Farmer, farmer, the plants are out.Farmer, farmer, jump and shout.

what do u wear on sunny days?的词汇讲解(是一个小对话 女:what do u wear on sunny days? 男:I wear T-shirt shorts cap and sunglasses )

my hobby

my hobby is collecting stamps,my sisters hobby is collecting stickers,my father's hobby is cooking,my mother's hobby is painting,because she feels it is very interesting,my grandpa's hobby is collecting stamps ,my grandma's hobby is dancing,my uncle's hobby is taking pictures. 全英式讲,师生范领读,锻炼学生口语表达能力,利用关键词句引导学生理解文章,复述文章。

Where did you go?下面有两个长对话 要求是让你结合问句教学 问句还有how did they go?Did lingling like the...?以及利用关键词去帮助学生重复这篇文章。

what do you wear on sunny days Iwear my t-shirt shorts cap and sunglasses 的词汇教学 全英,有游戏环节配合适当简笔画,教师朗读示范,创设情景练习口语能力

it's more than six kilometers long 四幅图画,分别华山长江,西湖,长城 要求突出重点词汇句型,引导学生用英语描述图画

What time do you get up?

she's in the kitchen

let's talk 小学人教版 where is my cat? Is she in the living room no is she in the study no Is she in the kicten. Yes.

what kind of TV show do you like

nice to meet you

listen and chant farmer

health habits

take my bath,wash my hands,drink my juice,eat good food,this is the way i exercise,exercise,exercise,this is the way i exercise

the five senses


i'm going to 一组对话写的关于外出活动的,fly a kite ,row a boat …… 做调查,并教会学生运用将来时

对话,涉及到量词a glass of lemonade

听力材料 关于长大以后想去哪个城市 英语试讲 答辩:板书设计的作用 老师如何开展有效的教学活动

阅读课,Lily&Sandy,What kind of TV shows do you like best.要求:朗读,创设情境,游戏互动,板书。答辩:What're your new sentence patterns? which is the most important one?


单词复习soccer. Baseball. Cousin. Difficult. Boring. Enjoy. Strawberrys. Practice. 等 要求朗读单词 全英文试讲十分钟

词汇题,predic 念一遍题目,然后全英文讲解词汇

口语课:A:can i use your computer? b:sorry,i”m going to work on it。 A:could i watch tv?b:yes ,of course,but first you have to clean your room。

语法题be going to的讲解 what are you going to be when you grow up?

口语课A:where is your pen pal from?B:he is from France A:where does she live?B:she lives in pairs



mobile phone,划线词But, firstly,secondly, thirdly. 要求朗读文章,写作课。

写作教学。试题是一篇短文,大概讲的是主人公Old Henry有一条很可爱的狗,有一条他和小狗出去散步,他很开心,他的狗和一条黑猫在玩,后来他发现他的狗不见了,他非常伤心。 1、朗读这篇短文。2、适当板书。3、引导同学给Old Henry写回信。

what is it like in winter cold cold lts cold december january and febuary wear your warm coat lets skate on the lake

词汇课 I can't stand the idea that old people can't be beautiful. 是第一句,讲stand,enjoy 和 mind 三个划下划线的单词。

口语课 you are never too young to do things 举了3个例子 Tiger Woods Mozart Ronaldo

A:where is your pen pal from?B:he is from France A:where does she live?B:she lives in pairs

阅读课,school trip 按照时间顺序讲

口语课 how much is the tshirt? How much are the socks.

lead-in(放一首歌或者vedio问知道什么信息,选的要和你讲的有关联)Pre(1:group discuss 2:写你觉得的新单词让跟着读再一起读给的材料)while(1:draft 2:互相修改spelling and grammar 3再次修改)post(1:让写的好的同学念写的作文2:做个击鼓传花的游戏说一下自己作文的闪光点)review/homework

听力题 Mr. James: welcome back everyone. We are going to talk about good ways to learn English. Who has some advice. Liling: we must speak English in class. Mr. James: that is a good idea. We should speak English as much as possible. Daiming:we can write our mistakes in our notebook. And write down answers next to our mistakes. Liming:we should spell and pronunce new word aloud about everyday. Mr. James: thanks, liming, you are helping a lot. 朗读一遍,板书设计,设计听力教学。

词汇,林肯总统,famous popular project character

初中英语7点半场次:答辩:1 班会上 家长说 把学生的一切都让老师管理就可以 你怎么看 2 有同学吸烟 你怎么看 试讲:听力材料 关于长大以后想去哪个城市 英语试讲 答辩:板书设计的作用 老师如何开展有效的教学活动

初中英语7点半场次:答辩:1 班会上 家长说 把学生的一切都让老师管理就可以 你怎么看 2 有同学吸烟 你怎么看 试讲:听力材料 关于长大以后想去哪个城市 英语试讲 答辩:板书设计的作用 老师如何开展有效的教学活动

初中英语7点半场次:答辩:1 班会上 家长说 把学生的一切都让老师管理就可以 你怎么看 2 有同学吸烟 你怎么看 试讲:听力材料 关于长大以后想去哪个城市 英语试讲 答辩:板书设计的作用 老师如何开展有效的教学活动

will do 一般将来式 :l will be a repoter l will live in shanghai的段落

语法教学 So in ten years,I'll have many different pets. I might even keep a pet parrot!I'll probably go skating and swimming every day. During the week ,I'll look smartand probably will wear a suit. On the weekends,I'll be able to dress more casually. I think I'll go to Hong Kong on vacationand one day, I might even visit Australia. 1.朗读原文 2.就划线部分设计相关语法活动(就那几个will句子) 3.全英试讲10分钟

Tony和TonyDad的dialogue,划线let's go shopping.How about some orange juice?朗读对话,设计表示征求建议的口语练习

词汇复习课(期末考前) interesting relaxing peaceful trilling tiring educational ...

阅读:lao she 's teahouse

听力材料 关于长大以后想去哪个城市 英语试讲

听力(passageabout morning schedule ) 朗读一遍 板书 以及其他常规要求

一篇短文讲的是长大后想要成为一位reporter和应该如何实现它 What are you doing to be and How are you going to do it?

初中英语+听力(passageabout morning schedule )+要求 朗读一遍 板书 以及其他常规要求+ 答辩...我试讲才讲完导入跟听力播放第一遍 画了个图表板书 考官就打断我了……她很和蔼的说 sorry to interrupt you, would you read the passage for us? Blabla读完 她又说请我擦黑板 then结束



博物馆词汇题ground floor, first floor ,floor plan

中西方文化差异(饭后谁付钱) pay for everyone &share the cost

full-day countryside


词汇、interest communicate 重点讲,朗读课文,关于去看电脑的展览22. 语法课:讲语段中的may 和should,情态动词model verb

写作题how to describe a person


词汇课,划出了三个词 traveller cheaque humour 根据英式英语和美式英语的区别来设计教学活动


Global warming 口语课 greenhouse gases

写作课 给的内容是chemicals benefitsand

difficulties why do you want to be a teacher

The beatles were one of the bands which

听力课 minibus padicap

过去完成时 语法 内容是莫扎特

听力课, 对话关于pop exhibition


词汇well -known twentieth-century famous 讲枸词

You are never too young to start dong things that you don ’

t know how to do before.For example ......(原题:高中英语真题5)


词汇课,给一篇短文要求讲其中的合成词overseas background birthplace



听力课,关于sea animal ,要求设计听后环节

高中英语:写前活动,中澳饮食差异。有材料,微波炉,热食物,然后garden ,barbecue,beef等肉类



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